BAY Active is a purpose driven brand of women’s activewear and fashion made in Australia.

Our purpose largely derives from a resistance and rebellion against Fast Fashion, and is focused on demonstrating supply chain transparency as the only way forward, to shift the current mindset around what value actually means, and shine a light on the realities of the climate and social impact the fashion industry imposes. The fastness and wastefulness of the garment industry currently, is out of step with our planet’s ability to process it.  

Our collections are carefully considered, made to celebrate the feminine form in an inclusive size range of 6 - 18, embracing and imparting the dream lifestyle of effortless style, in a timeless and classic aesthetic. 

We’re dedicated to bringing a premium alternative to polyester and synthetics, fancy words for petrol, oil and gas. We figure mining oil for clothing isn’t OK. Our yoga and activewear fabric is GOTS certified organic cotton, knitted in Melbourne and sewn in Sydney. Our fashion collections are also produced in Sydney, made from dead stock fabrics otherwise bound for landfill, working toward a circular economy.

With a strong focus on fit, all collections are built to endure the test of time, both in style and in quality. We focus on a quality hierarchy, from the materials we source, to our Australian production team, the best in the business. 2% of the brands’ certified organic cotton Basics category is now carried out in certified Fair Trade factories in India and Bangladesh, empowering women in their trade.

The industry in which we work is one of the dirtiest industries in the world -  currently, second only to the oil industry in terms of pollution. The fashion industry is also fraught with modern day slavery. We can’t see how wearing something made in slavery can in any way, be beautiful. By working in a transparent supply chain, we are contributing to a circular economy mitigating social and environmental impact.

Our Flagship store is in our home town of Byron Bay, shop with us in store or online. We have a truely dedicated customer service team, and we know without you, we are nothing.