Our organic yarn is the highest quality yarn in the world.

We have worked with many facilities and factories across the world, but found the best place to do our production is right here at home. It took a while to find the right team. We kissed a few frogs.

To minimise our footprint, we decided to keep things close, and we now work with the best in the business, in Byron Bay, Sydney and Melbourne, and always in an ethical and transparent supply chain. 

Our organic cotton yarn makes its journey from India to Australia where it’s knitted and dyed in a state of the art facility in Melbourne. These guys are market leaders in the knitting and dying of organic cotton and other natural fibres.

Once our Melbourne knitters are 100% satisfied with the standard and quality of each batch of fabric, it then makes its way to our Sydney sewing factory. Our sewing legends are dedicated to spending time on make details, communication is Queen, so no errors occur in production, everything is built to last. No errors = No waste. 

Our bespoke organic cotton blend used in our tights, crops and activewear tops is compressive, and robust, offering superior coverage, support and longevity.

Driven by innovation and sustainability, our knitters and dyers are certified by;

These certification documents are available upon request. 

Some of our organic cotton basics are produced in India and/or Bangladesh in certified, audited Fair Trade factories. Any operation we partner with in India and/or Bangladesh is certified by;

Our original production was made in Fiji, this factory is fully certified and compliant and adheres to all standards as outlined by;