Our organic yarn makes it’s journey from India to Australia where it’s knitted and dyed in a state of the art facility in Melbourne. These guys are market leaders in the knitting and dying of sustainable, innovative best quality fabrics.

We have developed our organic bespoke blend here, a blend that offers denser coverage and greater support. Our Australian Merino is also knitted and dyed here.

Driven by innovation and sustainability, our knitters and dyers are certified by;

Quality Management System ISO9001

Environmental management System ISO14001

Australian Organic


Our fabrics then make their way to our Sydney factory where all the fun begins. Our Sydney factory is certified by;

Ethical Clothing Australia

Australian Organic

Global Organic Textile Standard

All operations in India and Bangladesh from field to finished product are certified by;

Global Organic Textile Standard

Our Fijian factory is fully compliant and adheres to all health and safety standards as outlined by

Make it in Fiji