Valor - natural deodorant - travel trio



Neutralise odour with our natural, organic deodorant. No toxic chemicals, no aluminium - just- soft, sweet-smelling pits, Naturally! Handcrafted for men, women and teens alike, this is a clean, organic deodorant that works to keep you fresh all day.

Mini Sampler Pack: 

Presented in 3 beautifully designed 30g mini samplers. You can now rest easy and make an informed choice as to which scent is your favourite by sampling all 3 ranging from our Original, Unscented and new Wategos scent. Trying out which works best for you has never been so easy.


Original: Our signature scent of Patchouli, Lime, Cedarwood & Frankincense
Wategos: Fresh summer vibes with a hint of mint and grapefruit
Unscented: Keeps body odour at bay without any added scent or fragrance

Directions:  Get familiar with your pits – Massage a pea-sized amount of Pit Stop Natural Deodorant into your armpit each day or straight after showering (in an emergency, after sweating, and it will neutralize the bad odour).  Best of all – Pit Stop lasts all day and you haven’t put crazy chemicals into your body for the privilege of smelling good!