Love Token Necklace


Vintage Golden French Heart with a

16 Carat Gold Dipped Freshwater Pearl Drop and Cross

Vintage Gucci Chain.

An ornate necklace, a golden vintage French heart featuring the emblems "ND", for Notre Dame, hung with a wonderful 24-carat gold dipped natural freshwater pearl, crystal 16-carat gold cross on an exceptionally rare vintage Gucci chain.

Pearls are mythically guarded in their deep sea abodes by mermaids and sea nymphs.

The delicate, pristine nature of the pearl has made it an emblem of virginity, purity, and youthful love, a gift of betrothal and a bridal necklace.

In the Hymn of the Pearl, the pearl reunites the soul, forgetful of itself with the divine origin.


  • Rare vintage Gucci chain
  • Vintage French golden heart
  • Natural pearl dipped in gold
  • Beautifully gift boxed


  • Chain length: 51cm
  • Cameo length: 4cm
  • Cameo width: 3cm

Handmade in the Byron Bay Hinterland