Belle Ring


Rare Vintage French Jet Black Cameo, mounted in a 16-carat filled adjustable ring.

The name of this ring: Belle, is from the wonderful Dido Belle. A gentlewoman born in 1791 who is known as Britain’s first black aristocrat. Raised by the 1st Earl and Countess of Mansfield. A painting of Belle is attached. 

Set in a beautiful, 16-carat gold-filled handmade ring adjustable to fit any finger. The vintage French jet cameo of a young woman from last century.

All Ghost and Lola pieces are handmade in our Australian studio from rare vintage and found elements in very limited quantities. Once gone, cannot be repeated.


  • Rare vintage French Jet Cameo
  • Cameo is 25mm x 18mm
  • 16 carat gold filled ring
  • Adjustable to fit any size finger