Angelic Necklace


A wonderful vintage French sacred heart medallion with angels at each side.  Spectacular vintage hand-gilded Heraldic lion cameo with French jet hand-carved and gilded unicorn cameo upon a 16-carat gold-filled chain.

With beautiful and incredible detail, this rare vintage French medallion Incorporates the sacred heart, Fleur-de-lis, and crown emblem. It has an angel-winged woman on each side guarding.

All Hung with a Beautiful Byzantine 16-carat gold-filled chain. This spectacular and rare jewel is a perfect gift to yourself and someone you love.

All Ghost and Lola pieces are handmade in our Australian studio from rare vintage and found elements in very limited quantities. Once gone, cannot be repeated.


  • Vintage sacred heart medallion
  • Vintage intaglio of Heraldic lion
  • Vintage intaglio of a unicorn
  • 16 carat gold filled chain


  • Chain length: 54 cm
  • Medallion length: 3 cm