Ghost and Lola is found in Boutiques and Art galleries worldwide. 

Based in the Byron Bay Hinterland, jeweller and fine artist Wendy Powitt draws from her collection of rare vintage crystal & glass stones, dark brooding cameos, decorative chain, lucite, plastic, and stainless steel to create lush and elaborate conceptual pieces, abundant, entrancing, and engaging on both a visual and cerebral level. 

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Kindred Spirit Earrings


A unique blend of these vintage golden hearts  from two different eras and from two different places in the world made it easy to name them Kindred Spirits. Even though they are quite different they...

Cupid's Secret Earrings


We were so excited to discover this fabulous vintage golden cupid and delighted to combine it with our tiny heart-shaped diamante' locket. Each earring is finished with an 18-carat gold plated ear wire and made...

Byzantine earrings


In the Byzantine Empire, jewellery played an important role. In 529 AD the Emperor decreed a law restricting the wearing of the wonderful Byzantine golden jewellery to his and his family's use only. Lucky that...

Bijoux earrings


These precious Freshwater Pearls adorned with golden hand-hewn edges are hung with a vintage hand emblem. Handmade and finished. The Ancient Greeks proclaimed pearls to be the tears of joy shed by the Goddess of love...

Moonglider Earrings


These are the most beautiful earrings. A golden vintage Butterfly is hung with some spectacular vintage Swarovski jewels. The ear wires are 18-carat gold plated. Aristotle gave the butterfly the name Psyche, the Greek word...

Musical Brooch


Our sweet musical brooch is a beautiful piece. Rare vintage Czech glass tiles with hand-painted golden instruments are held within a stunning brass frame. Each piece is an individually handcrafted piece. A very limited design....

Celestial Necklace


A beautiful vintage 24 carat gold plated chain, hung with a stunning large clear quartz crystal drop and accompanied with a vintage golden orb featuring the Zodiac. Many ancient cultures attached importance to astronomical events...

Locket Necklace


So many beautiful pieces adorn this lovely necklace. Vintage Heart Lockets, Vintage Horn Tusk, and Key Charms on a light Vintage Chain. We love making it and are sure you will love to wear it. ...